What is a Baptist Church

What is baptism?

In the Christian faith, baptism is a rite of passage that involves sprinkling or pouring of water on the head or full immersion of the body in water. It signifies the admission into the Christian Faith and is considered a sacrament in most churches.  In some cases, it signifies being set free from what is referred to as the original sin. The age at which individuals are baptised differs from one denomination to another. Some churches allowing infant baptism while others like the Baptist Church reserve baptism for people who understand their faith and have the ability to do what it takes to follow the teachings of the church.

In some cases, there are teachings that have to be undertaken in preparation for the baptism. These ensure that the individual is prepared for the task ahead and understands what it means to be a Christian. The length of the classes or teachings also differs from one church to another. In cases where the individual is baptised as an infant, the parents, guardians must be willing and ready to guide the child in their Christianity journey.

Leasing out space

Due to the engagement in various teachings and activities to promote Christianity, most Baptist churches will have large halls. When these halls are not in use, they are usually leased to other groups of people and the proceeds used to promote Christianity across the world. These halls can be leased out to groups engaging in different activities that may include fundraising activities, award ceremonies, graduation ceremonies, fun activities such as drama and music related activities. In some cases, this may include psychics who are hired to offer a psychic reading to any willing participant.

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What is the Baptist Church?

The Baptist church is a congregation of protestants that believe that every individual is held responsible and accountable for their own actions by God. The church believes that only people who believe and profess their faith should be baptised. Therefore, as opposed to baptising infants and children, members of the Baptist church get baptised when they are older and have an understanding of what Faith and Christianity entails. In addition to this, they believe in baptism by full immersion as opposed to sprinkling or pouring water on the head as is common practice in other churches.

What makes the Baptist Church Different?

The most distinguishing feature of this church is the manner of baptism- full immersion- although there are other churches that do the same. According to Baptists, we are all born sinners and separated from God and therefore have to undergo baptism to be born again and freed from this sin. In addition, they believe that baptism signifies obedience to God's Word.

Baptists believe that the Bible is the only source of authority for Christians due to its divine inspiration and strive to teach only that which is entailed in the Bible. They also have a deep-seated belief in evangelism and missionary work which explains their notable engagement in evangelistic and missionary work all over the world.