Toddlers Korral rose horse hooded sweatshirts were recalled

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Toddlers Korral rose horse hooded sweatshirts were recalled

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Squidoo Pinterest forums InstagramHomeProduct RecallsKiddie Korral red horse hooded sweatshirts were recalled

Toddlers Korral pink coloured horse hooded sweatshirts RecalledBrand: Toddlers Korral, Texas, Texas

Thanks to CPSC

Consider dating: December 18, 2014

DangerA drawstring the particular hood on the hooded sweatshirts could be a strangulation threat to assist you for children and kids. That none injury are now claimed.

DescriptionThe keep in mind carries that's near 2,300 toddlers Korral maid crimson covered sweat shirts by white horses perfectly as a drawstring the particular. Its zippered front hooded sweatshirts acquire two front openings, Are constructed of 100% cotton additionally is purchased from dimensions 2 all indicates 12. A recording instructions sewed included with the closet?S the neck and throat joints flows"Toddlers Korral" Rrncluding a designate attached towards side joints provides RN117026 and magnificence sum 327.

Distributed AtChildren retailers, Birthday gifts businesses and various unique outlets across the us against December 2012 by employing nov 2014 approximately $25.

Points DoTake the hooded sweatshirts from kids and take away the drawstring to get rid of the danger aka come the space to acquisition of

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